Liberals Committed to Keeping Our Daughters and Sons Here at Home

Your Liberal government is working hard to make sure more young people find meaningful employment here in Nova Scotia.

Liberals know what it means for a young person to have an opportunity to work and live at home – to be close to family, friends, and live in a place where everybody knows your name. For many of us, this is where our support system is, and, most importantly, where our heart is.

As part of the 2016-17 budget, we are investing more than $12 million in programs that provide the skills, training and experience needed to connect young people to a careers in this province. 

IMG_3774Those investments include funding for employers to create new positions for recent graduates, co-op and summer work experiences, graduate research scholarships, and apprenticeship co-op work terms.

Since 2013, more and more young people are staying and working right here at home – in fact, Nova Scotia made the most progress of any province in reducing youth unemployment in 2015. We’ve also seen an increase in apprentice participation, with over 6200 registrations – in increase of nearly six per cent in the past year.

This year’s budget is aimed at continuing this momentum.

Our Liberal government is helping hundreds of young people get a foot in the door and land good jobs so they can build a life and start their careers right here at home.

We’re also hiring more young Nova Scotians directly into the public service with the Experience Through Opportunity program – giving young and less experienced workers from across Nova Scotia a chance to serve their province. During the past two years more than 1,200 workers under the age of 35 have started careers with the provincial government.

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