New Graduates, Younger Workers Wanted in the Public Service

Premier’s Office

November 13, 2015 1:26 PM

Government is committed to recruiting the next generation of workers into the Nova Scotia Public Service.

“Getting that first job is instrumental in keeping young, talented people in Nova Scotia,” said Premier Stephen McNeil. “We want young Nova Scotians and their families to know there are good job opportunities for them here at home.”

A new program, Experience Through Opportunity, announced today, Nov. 13, begins by filling 70 public service positions with new graduates and younger workers. Jobs will be advertised across the province next week.

“We need to give young workers an opportunity to build a career in Nova Scotia. I encourage all employers to make an effort to hire more young people – their enthusiasm, energy, and innovation will enrich every workplace and greatly benefit this province.”

The jobs will be posted on Career Beacon,, and at The positions vary, from youth worker and library technician, to engineer and correctional officer.

For each of the next five years government will recruit younger workers for five per cent of new government hires.

“I know first-hand how difficult it can be to find a job when you’re starting your career. As a business owner, I’ve made it a priority to attract and retain young workers, and give recent graduates opportunities,” said Saeed El-Darahali, president and CEO of SimplyCast. “I am very pleased to see that the provincial government is taking steps to keep more of our young workers in Nova Scotia.”

Additionally, more co-op opportunities for university and high school students will be announced in early 2016.

“Growing up in Cape Breton, it was always important for me to spend my life close to home. Close to my family,” said Ashley Hosier, a junior engineer with the Department of Environment. “I was thrilled to find work in Nova Scotia and in my field. I would encourage other young people to consider the public service. It may mean a chance to stay in Nova Scotia, a chance to make Nova Scotia your home, or make it your home again.”

In the past two years, more than 1,000 people age 35 and under started a career with the provincial government.

For more information on the programs in place to support young workers visit Make It Here connects Nova Scotians with government programs for education and training, and entering the workforce. It also connects employers with supports to hire or train new grads and young Nova Scotians.