Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Families living in Dartmouth will now have access to the Parenting Journey program as part of Stronger Families Nova Scotia.

Community Services Minister Joanne Bernard announced the new location for the program today, Feb. 16.

“Every day the Dartmouth Family Centre makes an important contribution to our community with their successful programs for children and families,” said Ms. Bernard. “That’s why we’re investing in the centre, so they can expand service for a community with social and economic challenges.”

Government is enhancing prevention and early intervention programs in child welfare. The goal is to work closer with community partners to meet the diverse needs of families in need of support.

“The Parenting Journey is a welcome addition to Dartmouth Family Centre’s current array of supports for families in North Dartmouth,” said Roxanne Manning, executive director of the centre. “This home visitation program will offer current and new families individualized parenting support, strengthening family relationships and promoting healthy child development.”

Funding for the expansion is part of $1.2 million announced in November to strengthen early intervention and prevention programs.

The program is being expanded to 15 more communities and organizations throughout the province. The names will be announced in the coming weeks.