Conservatives love our plans for Nova Scotia

The only highlights from this budget are Liberal ideas.

  • Ending bracket creep by indexing income taxes to inflation
  • Introducing a universal school lunch program
  • Covering the cost of continuous glucose monitors for people living with diabetes
  • Investing in better cell coverage in rural areas of the province
  • Supports to create backyard suites to increase the housing stock

Liberals know that life needs to be more affordable for Nova Scotians right now. That’s why we are going to keep on advocating for a cut to the HST to keep more money in your pockets because it’s never been more expensive to be a Nova Scotian than under Tim Houston.

Liberal’s Pledge To Cut The HST

February 12, 2024

Our AGM began last night and to kick-off the weekend, I made an announcement.
A Liberal government under my leadership would lower the HST from 15% to 13% – the lowest sales tax in Atlantic Canada.
No one has benefited from inflation except for Tim Houston. His Conservative government has received an additional $3.4 billion on the backs of Nova Scotians, and we believe it’s time to give some of that back.
Cutting the HST would save Nova Scotians hundreds of dollars each year, leaving more money in their pockets to spend on necessities like household items, phone bills, auto repairs, and school supplies.