Budget investments in safe and connected communities

Did you know the 2018 Provincial Budget includes the following provisions?

Budget investments in safe and connected communities include:

$16.2 million increase in Disability Support program to help more people move out of institutions, to improve respite care, and to fund more complex client cases
$2.1 million to help create eight small options homes and two community options homes
$3 million to double poverty reduction credit to $500
$4 million for initiatives under the Blueprint to End Poverty as part of a four-year, $20-million commitment
$3.4 million to fully exempt child-support payments from income assistance calculations
$2 million to help prevent domestic violence, the first year of a four-year commitment
$12.4 million more to improve public housing buildings
$3 million to offer 400 more rent supplements to low income Nova Scotians
$60 million more for a total of $285 million in capital spending on highways, bridges, and roads, which includes $10 million more to improve gravel roads for total of $20 million
Work on three significant twinning projects and four new interchanges on 100-series highways as part of a multi-year plan
$2.4 million more to expand and support community transportation under SHIFT for older Nova Scotians